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Getting Car Insurance After a DUI

DUI – Now Let’s Talk About Insurance


We don’t mean to scare you but not only are you going to have lots of government fees, court fees, bail bonds fees and more, now you have to worry about your insurance.


Even if you have never had a ticket, not even for a rolling stop, a DUI will […]

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No Collateral Bail Bonds – Alpharetta | Roswell

Using House or Other Asset as Collateral for Bail Bonds – Understand Your Risks.



When deciding whether to post bail for a friend, family member or loved one it is important that you understand your risk.  In some scenarios you will have to put something down as collateral for the bail bond.  This isn’t always the […]

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DUI Bail Bonds – Alpharetta and Roswell Georgia

If you were arrested for drinking and driving in Fulton County, in Alpharetta and Roswell then you need to understand your options when it comes to DUI bail bonds.  Bail bonds for drinking and driving can be expensive depending on the severity and your criminal history.

If you’re lucky and are a first time offender (no […]

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