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Your Bail Bonds Checklist

The most efficient, most affordable way to bail someone out of jail is using an agency that can take care of the process for you. A strong Clayton County bail bond company like ours will make sure that you application process is managed in a professional manner with minimal fuss. In order for us to […]

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Incarceration? Do I have Options?

When somebody is convicted of something he or she was accused of, there are several outcomes that can occur. Jail is just one possible repercussion of being found guilty in the eyes of the court. An “alternative to incarceration” is any kind of punishment other than time in prison or jail that can be given […]

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Most Common End-of-Summer Arrests

There’s nothing quite like the end of summer. Everyone wants to savor those last few lazy afternoons and warm weather weekends. The best time to take a vacation is almost over. Everyone wants to spend a little extra time outside while they can. Unfortunately, this brings forth many activities that can escalate into potential arrests. […]

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Getting a Bail Bond Fast

After any kind of arrest has been made, time is of the essence for all parties involved. When you’re in jail, you aren’t just cut off from the outside world. You’re cut off from work, family, hobbies, everything. Leaving jail is more than getting out of the facility. While in jail you are not able […]

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