With July’s arrival, it’s quite conceivable that many of us are planning to go on vacation at some point within the next couple months. While summer vacations are usually filled with many opportunities for great memories to be made, it’s also an unfortunate possibility that you or a loved one could be arrested while away on vacation. Whether it’s a lack of knowledge about local laws or a vacation celebration that got a little out of hand, it has happened to many unsuspecting people.

While being arrested can be a terrifying experience in itself, being arrested while in another state and away from home can be an even scarier ordeal. So what do you do if a loved one finds themselves in just such an unfortunate circumstance and you’re the one they’re counting on to post their bail in order to to get out of jail? While it’s not an impossible thing to do, the fact that it’s in another jurisdiction does add a few layers of extra work and effort to the process.

Different States, Different Procedures

The first order of business should be to call the facility where the defendant is incarcerated to determine if they will allow you to post bail over the phone or remotely – via some other means – or if the bail requires payment in-person. If it can be posted remotely or you can co-sign for the defendant (if a parent is bailing a child out, for example), the agent can simply process the payment and necessary paperwork over the phone. If it needs to be posted in person, you will probably need to contact a bonding agent that’s local to where the defendant is being held.

Search For a Local Bonding Company

Because most bail bonding agents are only licensed to work in the state where their license was granted, you must first find a bail bondsman that’s licensed in the state where the defendant is incarcerated. Simply searching the Internet should give you the results you need to begin calling bonding companies local to the area where the defendant is being held so that they can help you in your time of need. In addition to answering your questions and discussing the intricacies of the local laws to help you understand your options, a licensed bail bondsman might even be able to post the bail in-person on your behalf or offer you the option of a transfer bond, if possible. Transfer bonds allow you to post bail locally for a loved one being held in another state.

Contact a Licensed Bonding Agent

Because of the various laws, restrictions, and jurisdictions, it’s always necessary to find a licensed bonding agent who can either answer the questions for you or help you find someone who can.