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The Case for Bail Bonds

It was a little over a year ago that Atlanta City Council members approved a bail reform ordinance that would eliminate the Municipal Court’s cash bond requirement for low-risk offenders charged with nonviolent misdemeanors and smaller city ordinance violations. The move was made in an effort to reduce the number of poor, small-time offenders clogging […]

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Being Someone’s “First Call” After Their Arrest

Maybe it happened to you some time over the holidays…

Hopefully, it didn’t happen to you at all…

But perhaps after reading this, you might be prepared if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being the first person a friend or family member called after they got arrested.

It’s not only a terrible thing for […]

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The Holidays: Getting Out of Jail After a DUI

December has arrived, which means it’s the holiday season, also known as a busy time of year for the average social calendar. With the company Christmas party, the family gatherings, and other assorted holiday parties you’re sure to be invited to, chances are you just might find yourself having an alcoholic drink or two at […]

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Arrested For DUI? Call a Licensed Bail Bondsman

Quite possibly due to the widespread use of ridesharing services via popular mobile device apps such as Uber and Lyft, the Georgia Department of Driver Services has released dataindicating a significant decrease in the number of license suspensions and convictions due to driving under the influence (DUI) between 2007-2017.

While the thought that ridesharing apps may […]

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Call a Bail Bondsman When Bad Gets Worse

Chances are, you’ve probably never had a personal encounter with a law enforcement officer. But chances are also likely that if you havehad a personal encounter with an officer of the law, it was during a common traffic stop.

Perhaps you were going faster than the posted speed limit, texting while driving, driving without using your […]

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Parental Paranoia: Bailing a Loved One Out in Another State

An email inquiry that came in to us just a couple weeks ago:

I’m hoping you can answer a few questions for me regarding a trip to Las Vegas that my 21-year-old son and some friends are taking in a few weeks to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday. As you can probably guess, my husband and […]

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Even Celebrities Need Bail Bondsmen

Over the course of popular culture, just as long as there have been celebrities, there have been celebrities behaving badly and getting arrested for it. Luckily, there have been bail bondsmen around for much longer than that who are willing to help get them out.

Whether you’re a celebrity like Justin Bieber, Conor McGregor, or more […]

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Finding a Reputable Bail Bond Agent

It probably goes without saying that getting arrested and going to jail can be a harrowing ordeal, especially for someone who’s never been arrested before. Generally, the detainee will have the ability to call friends or family to help them get out of jail, if eligible. If you happen to be that particular person that […]

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You’ve Bailed Someone Out — Now What?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re the recipient of late-night phone call where a friend or family member tells you that they’re in jail. Awash in a flood of emotions, you’re sure to be a little bewildered and confused as to what to do next. Of course, by virtue of the fact that you […]

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Get VIP Service from a Licensed Bail Bondsman

With the recent news that mixed martial artist and boxer, Conor McGregor, was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief for attacking a bus full of UFC fighters and staff as it was leaving a media event in New York City earlier this month, it brings up the subject of famous […]

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