During the holidays, crime is high and arrest rates are as well. The state and county police are on high alert monitoring the area for things like suspicious-looking behavior behind the wheel, illegal drug and alcohol use and petty theft. We also understand that people make mistakes. For those that find themselves dealing with a DUI arrest this December, we promise to do everything we can to arrange your release. Still, we occasionally like to remind our community that being arrested for these crimes and misdemeanors is very preventable. Here are some simple ways to evade an arrest and prevent missing out on any holiday fun this year.

Avoiding DUIs

  1. Know Your Limit – Everyone’s body reacts differently to alcohol. You’ve probably heard people who get tipsy easily called “lightweights” and there is some truth to these taunts. For example, women cannot drink as much as men can and expect their BACs to match. A woman’s BAC will be higher after the same amount of alcohol. Be aware of how alcohol affects you this winter.
  2. Designated Driver – This is a tried and true tactic. You can’t get a DUI unless you’re driving so let somebody else be your chauffeur for the evening! Just be sure to let them also have a turn being driven around some time.
  3. Call a Cab – If there’s no one around to give you a ride, just call a cab. Transport apps like Uber make calling a car (and stay DUI-free) easier than ever.

Other Drug or Alcohol Arrests

  1. Use the Buddy System – Having a “designated driver” or just a friend who doesn’t drink along with you can help you avoid getting into trouble in other ways as well. Some of the possible non-driving, alcohol-related offenses include disorderly conduct and biking under the influence. Seriously. Because bikes are treated as vehicles in the eyes of the law, there is such a thing as a BUI in Georgia. Make sure you have a friend looking out for you the next time you plan to imbibe!
  2. Party at Home – Taking the party onto your private property all but guarantees that you’ll successfully avoid a DUI. When it’s time to go home, you’re already there! You’ll save a lot of money on drinks, too. Just try not to disturb the peace.