When it comes to bail bonds, there’s no doubt that a licensed bail bonding agent can get you or a loved one out of jail quickly and efficiently. But did you also know that the use of a bail bondsman helps to increase the chances of a defendant appearing in court for their scheduled date?

Bail Bonds: An Overview

When someone is arrested, a bond amount is usually set by a judge of the court that would allow the defendant to be released from the jail, provided they swear to return to court for their scheduled court date. But since bond amounts aren’t necessarily cheap, someone on behalf of the defendant would need to acquire the services of a bail bonding company. A bail bondsman will typically charge you a fee equal to 10% of the bond amount and assume the rest of the balance in the form of a surety bond, which acts as an insurance policy that the defendant will appear for their scheduled day in court. Basically, the posted bond is the agent’s pledge that the defendant will either appear in court or he will pay the entire bond amount.

The Cash Correlation

Experts have determined that you increase a defendant’s likelihood of staying on the right side of the law by re-appearing in court when you utilize the services of a licensed bonding agent. That’s because studies have shown a correlation between a defendant’s reappearance in court when associated with money, generally in the form of a financially secured bond, the kind bonding agents offer.

Additional Bail Benefits

When you compare appearance rates for defendants on financial release versus defendants released on their own recognizance, it’s been shown that defendants who were released on a secured bond were more likely to be accountable and make all their scheduled court appearances. In addition to the obvious benefits to the defendant, there are benefits for the safety of the general public, as well. That’s because an increase of appearance rates means that the defendants aren’t out committing more crimes. Also, if a defendant does fail to reappear, their time as fugitive is cut shorter because bonding agents then employ the services of a bail enforcement agent (or bounty hunter) to recapture defendants.

Use a Licensed Bonding Agent

Therefore, a good and reputable bail bondsman provides not only the financial means with which to free someone from jail as quickly and as affordably as possible, but provides a necessary deterrent to help keep a defendant accountable and on the right side of the law, which ultimately benefits all involved.