Navigating the process of making bail can be an arduous task. We are here to help you through it and we can help with every step up until the time comes to go pick up the arrested party.

Step 1: Contact the jail to gather information but do not head straight there without a bond.

Step 2: Find out the exact location where the individual is being held as well as their scheduled release time as holding times may vary.

Step 3: You’re now ready to call the bonding company. Making this call will connect you with a bondsman who can provide practically any and all assistance you require in communicating with the jail and the court.

Step 4: Fill out the appropriate paperwork and make your payment. A bond is a written contract between the purchaser and the bail agent. Once a bond is paid for, the agent assures the courts that the defendant will appear when summoned. Purchasing a bond is absolutely the most affordable way to make bail.

Step 5: After purchasing, all that’s left to do is to go pick up your loved one and bring him or her home.