It can come at any time, without notice and with no regard for convenience or your availability… The dreaded phone call from a friend or family member letting you know that they’ve been arrested and that they’re in jail. Oh, and they’re also counting on you to help get them out.

Yes, you.


Never done it before? Well, consider yourself lucky. It’s an unfortunate circumstance that requires you to step up in a big way to not only provide the assistance your friend or loved one is asking you for, but to also provide a calm, confident demeanor for them, as well.

For starters, don’t get worked up about it. There’s enough stress built in to the situation without you adding more unnecessary pressure. I’m sure they’d love a do-over, but that isn’t going to happen. So, let’s get on with a few quick and easy tips on what you need to know about bailing someone out of jail.

Call a bail bonds agency such as 1st Choice Bail Bonds to help you through the process. You can even contact them online. They have licensed, friendly agents standing by to answer your questions and give you advice and guidance. In order to best serve you, please make sure to have a few basic pieces of information ready and available when you call.

  • Full name of the accused/defendant. Spelling counts here! In addition, you’ll need to know their date of birth.
  • Location, location, location… Not only will you need to know the name of the jail or holding facility where they’re incarcerated, but you’ll also need to know the name of the county – and in some cases, the city – in which they were arrested.
  • Speaking of the arrest, what is it specifically, that they were arrested for? Knowing exactly why they were arrested is important because knowing all the charges they’re facing will help your bond agent to accurately determine the amount of the bond.
  • Then of course, there’s the whole money thing… What method payment are you going to use? No matter what it is you’re planning on using, make certain that you have it ready. Be aware, however, that some bond companies don’t take credit cards. If using something other than cash or card – collateral, for example – have as much information available about the collateral item(s) as possible. The collateral helps to ensure that the defendant will show up for their future date in court.

With the above information, it’s safe to say that you’re equipped well enough to do your duty as a great and reliable friend or family member. While it may be an awkward and embarrassing situation, initially, it’s safe to say that your kindness and reliability will be much appreciated. Good luck.