Believe it or not, the hap-happiest season of all is also our busiest season! For most bail bond companies, year after year, the peak weeks for bail bond sales are the weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas. This isn’t necessarily because more crime is being committed, although the annual holiday retail hauls are known to tempt thieves, thereby causing more home and auto break-ins than usual. Days off from school contribute to some bumps in adolescent crime rates and family functions may be linked with changes in domestic crime rates. Increased alcohol consumption at parties and family gatherings results in a corresponding increase in arrests for DUIs and other alcohol-related charges. We can’t deny these annual trends. We will say, however, that they may not be the main reason a boost in business occurs.

What really influences the Thanksgiving and Christmas bond booms isn’t crime rates. It’s the holidays themselves. Families want to see their fellow family members free for the holidays. Those who may have thought twice before bailing a loved out who was arrested in early November or December ultimately succumb to the desire to have their whole family together before the big holiday feast.

This is why our bail bond agents actually enjoy the busy holiday weeks. By providing an arrested individual or his cosigner with expert assistance, they help reunite families for the most special days of the year. Even if the full bail amount is far out of a given family’s price range, our agents can find a way to allow that family to see their loved one outside of a jail on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The holidays are certainly a time when saving money is on the mind. Don’t throw away money by paying bail in full. Purchase a bond instead for a small fraction of the cost.

Working with a bond agent this winter will save you money as well as time, another precious holiday resource. Our services are available 24 hours a day and we can coordinate with you over the phone and online. Most likely, the only time you’ll have to drop what you’re doing and get in the car is when it’s time to pick up your family member and bring them home! Knowing that we help residents of Clayton County and surrounding areas go home for the holidays makes us proud of what we do. If there’s currently someone that has been arrested that you’d like to see at home this time of year, contact us today!