Bail is a form of property pledged to a court of law that compels the court to release a suspect from jail. Paying bail is a way of promising that the suspect will show up to trial or else relinquish their bail and face the possibility of an additional charge for failing to appear. After the trial is over, if all appearances have been made and the suspect has been found innocent, the bail money will be returned within 90 days of the court date.

The amount of bail a suspect is expected to pay varies greatly from case to case and setting the price is by no means an exact science. Generally a person charged with a non-capital crime is entitled to be granted bail. In normal cases, however, posting bail is one of the most common ways to avoid pretrial detention. One determinant of a bail charge’s total is the severity of the crime. Suggested bail amounts range from a couple hundred dollars for lower level misdemeanors to six-figured totals for serious felonies. The amount is intended to ensure a defendant will be in court. Bond amounts are not “punishments” as they are determined before the defendant has been proven guilty. What state the arrest was made in also affects the bail amount as well as the possibility of having pretrial release at all.

Here in Georgia, we have a high fairly high cost of living and a fairly strict legal system. This results in expensive bail demands from the courts, even for minor offenses. One solution to the ever-rising cost of bail is using a bail bond instead of paying bail in full. Purchasing a bail bond is the most affordable way of getting someone out of jail. The price of the bond, meaning the total the purchaser would have to pay, is only a very small percentage of the full bail amount, typically less than 20 percent of it.

There are non-monetary benefits to buying a bond as well. The low cost of the bond also pays for the services of a bond agent – someone who knows the bail system well and can guide you through it skillfully. When you need to get somebody you care about out of jail, you should get your bond from us because our bondsmen have the experience and knowledge to make the process as painless as possible. We’re familiar with a wide variety of cases and will provide you the service that best fits your needs.