DUI – Now Let’s Talk About Insurance


We don’t mean to scare you but not only are you going to have lots of government fees, court fees, bail bonds fees and more, now you have to worry about your insurance.


Even if you have never had a ticket, not even for a rolling stop, a DUI will change your record.


The automobile insurance companies provide insurance in three ways:


  • The standard market
  • Secondary
  • Assigned risk.



Standard market is what normal (people with no DUI convictions or excessive speeding, reckless driving, etc) have.  This would include your State Farms, Allstates and other major automobile insurance companies around the country.  After a DUI, these carriers may choose to renew or deny your insurance policy with them.  If they do reject you then it is time for you to hit the secondary market and look for a new insurance carrier.


After a DUI you are easily looking at paying 3 to 5 times more then you were paying for automobile insurance.  The assigned risk pool is when you cannot get insurance anywhere else.  At a high cost and limited coverage you want this to be your last resort.


If you have been arrested on a DUI charge and are having a hard time, follow these tips to help you in your search for a new policy.


Shop around – Make sure to get online and shop rates and carriers.  You can get a list of car insurance companies online simply by doing a Google search.  Call all of them and compare and contrast features.  Spending a little time can save you a lot of money.


State Laws – Some states provide assistance or have certain laws and regulations that can help you get insurance.  Be sure to investigate all your options.


Personal Note – A personal note can go a long way.  Simply stopping by or sending a personal note to your current insurance agent or company can go along way.  Explain to them you made a mistake and that you are going to be more careful.  Even submitting information on drivers education or AAA meetings can help.


Always explore all your options and you can at least try to reduce the amount you will end up spending after a DUI conviction.