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DUI Child Endangerment

You can be charged with child endangerment for not having a child properly restrained with a seat belt/car seat or if you drive dangerously while a child is in your vehicle. You can face much more serious charges if you drive under the influence with a child in the car.

What is a DUI Child Endangerment […]

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Retain Your Driving Privileges after a DUI: Georgia’s 10 Day Rule and Appeal Letter


After a DUI arrest in Georgia, you will usually face two different legal matters (an administrative license suspension hearing and a driving under the influence case). The administrative license suspension is a civil matter as opposed to the DUI itself, which is criminal. You have 10 business days from the date of your arrest to […]

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Georgia Boat Safety Act, Implied Consent Law, and BUIs  

The Department of Natural Resources and local law enforcement agencies patrol Georgia’s public lakes and waterways to ensure that everyone on the water is adhering to safety rules, including state rules regarding Boating Under the Influence (BUI). It is not illegal in Georgia to have alcohol in an open container on any boat or personal […]

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Bail Bonds – Can They Help Prevent Jail Overcrowding

With over 2 million people currently in our nation’s prisons and jails, the United States leads the world in incarceration. While crime rates have not necessarily increased, changes in sentencing law and policy have led to a 500% increase in incarcerations over the last forty years. These changes have resulted in jail and prison overcrowding […]

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Bail Bond FAQs (After Release)

How do I know when the defendant has to go to court?

It is your responsibility to know when the defendant has to go to court. Typically, the courts will notify the bail agent when the accused is to appear.

Can the defendant leave the state or country while out on bond?

To avoid arrest, a defendant may […]

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Bail Bonds FAQs (Before Release)

What is bail?

Upon the understanding that a suspect will return for trial, a cash deposit or pledge is made to a court in order to persuade it to release a suspect from jail.

How is bail determined?

After an inmate has been fully booked, a bail amount will be determined by a judge or magistrate who considers […]

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The Two Most Common Boating Arrest

Come Memorial Day, one of the busiest boating days of the year, summer parties and boating season will be in full swing. Extra care needs to be taken on the water since alcohol and boating can easily become a very scary mix. Unfortunately, alcohol is the leading factor in approximately 34% of all boating deaths […]

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National Bail Bonds Elected Beth Chapman President

Beth and Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman originally gained national recognition with their A&E show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and later the Country Music Television series “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.” They then put their reality-TV show on hold so Beth could run her campaign for president of the National Bail Bonds Association, […]

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Bail and Bail Scheduling – How it is Determined

How is Bail Determined?

During a defendant’s first court appearance following their arrest is when a judge ordinarily sets bail. The more serious and dangerous the crime, the higher the amount of bail will generally be. Bail for felony offenses is usually five to ten times the bail required for misdemeanors. Judges have the sole authority to […]

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Pre-trial Procedures in Civil and Criminal Cases

The law deals with two kinds of cases: civil and criminal. Civil cases involve conflicts between people or institutions and occur when a person or organization files a complaint in court. Criminal cases involve enforcing the behaviors of individuals or institutions, with charges against the person alleged to have committed the crime brought by the  […]

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