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Why Call a Bail Bonds Company?

When someone has been arrested, there’s little to no doubt that they would like to be out of jail as soon as possible. It’s a frightening experience that can leave someone feeling helpless, confused, and isolated, among many other things. In such an instance, getting out of jail should be the very first priority.


First, in […]

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When to Call a Bail Bonds Company

If you’ve ever been arrested before, chances are that you probably know all too well how valuable a bail bonding agent’s services are when trying to get out of jail as quickly as possible. If you’ve never been arrested before (good for you!), just know that a reputable, licensed bail bonds agent might be one […]

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Choosing a Bail Bonds Company

Have you or a loved one ever been arrested? While the chances are relatively unlikely, if you (or anyone you know) have been arrested in the past, no matter the severity of the crime, you (or someone you know) have been desperate enough to ponder,


“How in the world did I get into this?” and then, […]

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Questions to Ask a Bail Bond Company

After being awarded bail, you or your loved one still must come up with the money to get out of jail. Rather than paying the entire amount upfront, working with a bail bonds company can make it much more affordable. However, be sure to do your due diligence when reaching out since not all bail […]

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What Are My Rights During an Arrest and During Questioning?

You are under arrest when a police officer or sheriff verbally tells you that you are under arrest or if you are not free to leave (for example, you are being transported to a police station for questioning without your consent.) It is very important that you do not resist arrest. It is unsafe and […]

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House Arrest: Monitoring, Rules, and Violation Repercussions 




House arrest (also referred to as home detention, home confinement, or electronic monitoring) is a type of criminal sentence where a non-violent offender is confined to their primary residence rather than a prison or juvenile detention. This is a more affordable alternative to traditional imprisonment and combats jail and prison overcrowding by leaving more room […]

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Common Reasons A Judge May Deny Bail

Most criminal offenders are able to be released from jail through the option of bail. This system prevents jail overcrowding and allows defendants to meet personal obligations (work, family, etc.) while awaiting trial. However, bail is not guaranteed and there are situations where a judge may choose to deny bail to a defendant. The most […]

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Don’t Ignore Outstanding Warrants

If you have a warrant for your arrest you need to act sooner, not later. This is not a situation where you can ignore something in hopes that it will go away. A warrant means a judge has approved your arrest and it’s simply a matter of time before you are picked up by law […]

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How Important is Checking in With Your Bail Bond Agent?

Bond agents usually require both the person released from jail as well as the bond co-signer to perform regular check ins after a bond has been issued. These check ins keep the defendant and co-signer updated about court dates or trial appearances as well as keep the bond agent informed of updates about each person […]

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Holiday Crime Rate Spikes

The holiday season usually brings thoughts of happiness and time spent with family and friends. Sadly, it is not always a time of celebration. In fact, the holidays are the busiest time of year for the bail bond industry with increased domestic violence, theft, and drunk driving arrests.


Domestic Violence

Strong emotions paired with increased drinking and/or […]

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