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What To Do After An Arrest

Being arrested can be a scary and bewildering situation. Whether you’re the one who was arrested, or it was a loved one of yours that was arrested, you feel helpless and lost, not knowing who to turn to, or where to go for assistance, especially if it’s your first time. It’s an emotional event, wracked […]

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Bonding Companies: How They Work For You

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having to help a friend or loved one with their release after an arrest, you should know that a bonding company, or bail bondsman, as they’re better known, is there to serve you in this time of need. If you’re calling on a reputable bonding company […]

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Bounty Hunters: What Are They?

Bounty hunters, officially known as bail enforcement agents, are professionals who help track down, detain, and turn in fugitives and individuals who have skipped out on their bail and return them to the proper court or correctional facility. Since a bail bondsman is obligated to pay the bond guaranteed to the court if a defendant […]

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Drug-Related Charges Bail Bonds

The first thing that happens when a person has been arrested on a drug charge is the “booking.” During a booking, a police officer records all the information related to the crime that has taken place and runs a background check on the offender. An officer will obtain a picture of the defendant as well […]

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Where does the Money Go?

Many have suffered the inconvenience of being misunderstood by the law or the wrongful consequences of having done nothing wrong and wondered if they’ll get their bail back once the court finds them innocent. The whole ordeal has caused emotional, mental and financial stress. So how do you get back some sense of peace? Better […]

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