If you were arrested for drinking and driving in Fulton County, in Alpharetta and Roswell then you need to understand your options when it comes to DUI bail bonds.  Bail bonds for drinking and driving can be expensive depending on the severity and your criminal history.

If you’re lucky and are a first time offender (no prior DUIS) you might just get to go home without paying anything.  It is not always this way but sometimes you are given a contract that you will attend all court hearings and comply with local authorities on anything they might need.  Although, even if it is your first DUI but you have a past criminal record or history of offenses, the chance of you getting off without a bail bond are slim.

Getting a bail bond for DUI is a relatively simple process unless it has been charged as a felony.  Some reasons a bail bond could be considered a felony over a misdemeanor are: kids or children in the car, prior DUIs, school zones, suspended licesnes and a variety of other factors.

Call your local bail bonds agency and begin the process of securing a bail bond.  The bail bondsman is going to be working with you over the next few months.  They will be showing up at your hearings, trials and more.  They are taking responsibility over you.  Another words if you don’t show they will be coming for you.  It is not uncommon for bail companies to take collateral like a car title or any other asset you may have.

If you show up to all your trials and court proceedings the court usually refunds the bail money to the bail company.   When this happens the bail company will return any collateral they might owe you.  They will also keep a percentage of the fee you paid for their services.

If you don’t pay then yes it is true, someone like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” might come after you.  Make sure you go to all court proceedings and comply with all authorities to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


If you have been arrested for drinking and driving in Alpharetta or Roswell then call our bondsman today to get free.