If someone you know has recently been arrested for driving under the influence, buying a bail bond to get them out of a jail stay may be only the beginning of the penalty process. After an appearance in court has been made, typical DUI penalties for a first offense by someone who is 21 and older may include a suspended license for up to a year, $210 fee for license reinstatement, DUI Alcohol or Drug Risk Reduction education program, mandatory 40 hours of community service and/or a limited driving permit. The driver will certainly receive some “points” on his or her license which are difficult to get rid of. This depends on your BAC, implied consent, and whether you have an administrative suspended license. After all of these things have been completed, a second or third offense within 5 years could bring all the aforementioned consequences and expenses and more.

With all the trouble the suspect could be facing already, paying a large sum for bail is far from ideal. A bail bond can help decrease the stress that comes with a DUI charge. It will save you loads of money in the short term and it will save you a trip to the jail where the subject is being held. It can potentially save you some confusion as a professional bondsman will help you navigate the paperwork. Lastly, it will save you time. When an arrest has been made, it’s best not to go straight to the jail where jailors and police officers can keep you waiting, failing to provide thorough instructions. A bondsman will help you start working through your case right away and work through the timeline as quickly as possible. Your information will be kept confidential and you will be treated with respect.