With the recent news that mixed martial artist and boxer, Conor McGregor, was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief for attacking a bus full of UFC fighters and staff as it was leaving a media event in New York City earlier this month, it brings up the subject of famous people who go to jail and how they get out. Basically, they do it just like regular folks do.


They Call a Bail Bondsman

In this particular case, Conor was arrested and arraigned for his part in the melee and was released only after his team contacted a local NYC bail bondsman who posted a $50,000 cash bond on his behalf because he didn’t have the cash on hand at the time. Getting the cash would have taken extra time and credit cards are not accepted as a form of bond payment. As part of his agreement, Conor is free to fly back to his home country of Ireland and report to his bail bondsman once a week by phone until his court date.


Help For You, Too

Luckily, there are bonding agents who can help “common folks” get someone out of jail just as quickly as a millionaire celebrity can get out of jail. If the same were to happen to you, a bonding agent can work with you to determine a bond amount that you can pay in order to be released. Generally only 10% of the bail amount, the surety bond is basically an insurance policy that ensuresthat the defendant will show up in court on their specified court date.


VIP Service in Your Time of Need

Quick, professional service isn’t something that’s limited to only the rich and famous. You, too, can receive VIP assistance from a bail bondsman when you need it the most. Any experienced bonding agent will make themselves available for a client at a moment’s notice, no matter the time of day. In addition to the experience and wise counsel that only a capable bonding agent can provide, they can also provide a defendant a calm and reassuring presence that can only come from experience with situations like yours.


Someone you hope you never have to call, but an invaluable resource if you ever do, a licensed bail bondsman in your area is waiting to help you when you need it.