A bail bond is the simplest, most affordable way to get somebody you love out of jail in the weeks preceding his or her court date. In most bond situations, you won’t even have to leave your own home until it’s time to pick the arrested person up and take them home. The agents will take care of communicating with the jail itself after your bond is signed and paid for. Before you can get to that point, however, there is some research you’ll need to do and some information you’ll need to compile. Overall, obtaining a bail bond is a fairly easy process particularly at a bonding company with experienced, qualified bond agents.

Step 1. Find a bail bond company.

The first thing to do, of course, is to track down a reliable bonding company in your area. Going with a company located near the jail or the site of the arrest will ensure its agents’ familiarity with local laws. You should be able to find a great company just by searching online. There are whole online directories specifically for Georgia bail bond companies.

Step 2. Have all the info ready.

If you want to speed up the bail process considerably, you could compile all the information you’ll need before your initial call. You’ll need the full legal name of the accused, the birth date of the accused, the location of the arrest, the nature of the arrest (with as much detail as possible) and your payment information. It also helps to know the bail amount. If someone you know has been arrested but the bail hearing has not yet occurred, drawing up a bond can be quite difficult.

Step 3. Call the bondsman.

Once you’ve got all the necessary info, you’re fully ready to make the call or start the online application form if available. We ensure a perfect level of customer service for our clients. We will walk you through any parts of the process you are unfamiliar with and ask you only the questions that really need to be asked. We will work quickly to get your loved one release. We try to make the whole experience straightforward and as stress-free as possible so that you can continue moving forward after an arrest has occurred. As soon as you’ve given us everything we need, we’ll take it from there.

Step 4. Go to the jail and pick up your loved one.