We like to believe that there are very few people here in the state of Georgia that would deliberately miss a court date, especially if they’re out on bail in the days leading up to hearing. The consequences are just too steep – expensive fines and additional arrests are likely to occur. Year after year, however, people fail to show up when the court has asked them to. This may be because a family emergency came up. It may be for less serious reasons. Sadly, failure to appear in court often happens because the summoned individual just isn’t taking their legal obligation seriously enough. If you recently purchased a bail bond or need to purchase one fast, here are some good reasons why you should make certain that you honor your commitment to your bail bond company and to the court.

When you bail somebody out of jail, whether using a bond or paying the bail amount outright, you’re taking a financial risk. You’re also telling the court system that the arrested person doesn’t need to be in jail because they can be trusted to make their court date. As long as the accused attends their court date and is proven innocent, you can get the bail back. If he or she doesn’t honor their bail bond, you may actually have to lose any collateral you put up. In a bond situation, the bail bond company that put their faith in you will become liable for the full amount of the bond if you don’t show up. Of course, this isn’t just going to affect them. The second this happens, the company typically will set people to work looking for you to turn you over to the authorities.

Whether the charges are for something minor or something very serious, trying to run away is only going to make the situation worse. Once the courts officially decide that you have missed your court date, a warrant for your arrest goes out immediately. This gives the police the right to enter your property, to search your car and to do whatever they have to do to bring you to justice. The police and the bail bond agents on your case will usually start contacting people who might know where you are.

As long as do honor your bail bond in you show up on your court date, nothing that’s going on can get worse. If you’re facing serious charges, that isn’t going to change. If you don’t, you’re going to be facing more charges for having run off when you were supposed to be in court. If there is a legitimate reason that you cannot attend a court date (such as a personal illness or some other emergency), there are ways to get the date changed that the court will agree to. In the end, there is never a good reason to miss your court date or violate your bail bond. After an arrest and a subsequent bail out, the most important thing to do is honor your bail.