Even if you’ve never been arrested before, it’s safe to assume that you’re slightly familiar with the notion that bail bonds agents are there to help whenever someone has been arrested. A bail bonds agent is more than just the person who can get you or a loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. An experienced advocate for the defendant when it comes to navigating such a harrowing circumstance, bail bonds agents can also help the defendant’s family in their time of need, as well.


Communication and Correspondence

Because of how closely and frequently bail bonds agents work with law enforcement and jail officials in their local jurisdictions, bail bonds agents can serve as an intermediary between the defendant, their family members, and other key figures pertinent to the case. It’s often difficult to get in touch with someone who has been arrested, so having a bail bonds agent who can facilitate the necessary communication and correspondence is a great value.



In the event that someone has not yet been arrested but is aware of a warrant that has been issued for their arrest, they can contact a bail bonds agent preemptively for wise and experienced counsel regarding their situation. In some cases, a bail bonds agent can help to determine if a warrant even exists. If a warrant exists, a bonds agent can work proactively to help the defendant avoid the potential fallout of an impending arrest by ensuring that they get out of jail as quickly as possible.


Privacy and Discretion

A bail bondsman can also help with the awkward and often embarrassing circumstances surrounding an arrest and the process of getting out of jail. In order to be discreet, an agent can make special arrangements to meet with the defendant or the defendant’s family in a location of the family’s choosing in order to avoid visiting a bail bond office in public. A bail bonding agent can offer professional discretion in an effort to preserve the defendant’s privacy and dignity.


No matter if you or your loved one has never been arrested, or if this isn’t the first run-in with the law, a bail bonds agent can help you in your absolute time of need. Whether someone has been arrested in one of Atlanta’s many different jurisdictions and seeking a quick release or preemptively seeking consultation prior to turning one’s self in, the first call should be to One Call Bail Bonds of Metro Atlanta.


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