Assisting a loved one with bail can be overwhelming, and even more so when they have been arrested in another state. It can be initially confusing but we are here to help you with some information and advice.


Understand The Bail Process In The State Where They Are Being Detained

To begin, you may want to find the official county page for where your loved one is being held or contact the county jail directly to obtain information on their release.

However, because each state has its own laws, processes, and fees for how they handle bail, some of these rules can be hard to understand.


Contact a Bail Bonds Company

Finding the laws and understanding an out of state bail process is often extremely complex. A bail bond agent can make the entire process of out-of-state bail easier by acting as your advocate, educating you on various local laws, and obtaining information regarding your loved one’s charges and where they are being held.


Near Me? Or Near Them? Use Your Local Bondsman to Handle Multi-State Bail

You may find yourself wondering whether you should contact a bonding company near you or near where your loved one is currently located. The best option is to contact a bail bonding company near you, since many companies are wary about working with out of state clients. Your local bonding company can handle the entire process for you and will likely cross state lines to finalize the release of your loved one or use a transfer bond to work with another agent near where your loved one is being held. Be prepared to pay a 10-15% bail bond premium with a transfer bond, plus an additional transfer fee, depending on the size of the bond and other factors.


Pay Attention To The Conditions

Your loved one will be required to attend future court appearances after their release. Before returning to their home state it is very important to know if any parameters have been set on their travel. They may be required to stay in the state where they were arrested for the duration of their case. Multi-state bail bonds tend to be more complex and carry additional liabilities for all involved parties, which is why it is crucial that you stay in frequent communication with your local bail bond company to avoid any issues.


Let Us Help You Get Your Loved One Released

If you have a loved one in jail out of state and in need of bail, you do not want to waste any time. Call our qualified, licensed, reliable bonding company to help you through the tricky process of multi-state bonds.