Beth and Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman originally gained national recognition with their A&E show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and later the Country Music Television series “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.” They then put their reality-TV show on hold so Beth could run her campaign for president of the National Bail Bonds Association, a professional bail agents’ group that represents 15,000 bail agents across America. On February 24th, Beth won the presidency during the 32nd annual convention in Las Vegas, the same day Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D—California) introduced the “No Money Bail Act of 2016,” a bail reform bill that would do away with using the payment of money as a condition of pretrial release.

After capturing bad guys for nearly 30 years, Beth’s mission is to fight the bill that will outlaw all bail bondsmen. She says “I will fight — and fight hard — to keep our profession going and growing. We tackle criminals who deserve to be behind bars for breaking the law. We become the voice of their victims who are often forgotten.” She passionately believes that “the bail industry provides a service to the government and helps ensure the public’s safety. Removing the bail system would have a deleterious effect on the criminal justice system. It is imperative that our association, under strong leadership, fight every attempt by these social justice lackeys to remove cash bail when their only goal is to make it easier for the bad guys to get out of jail.”

Beth knows that the upcoming presidential election will greatly affect the ruling on the proposed bill to outlaw bail bonds and bail bondsmen and points out that “it’s a hot topic at all of the national presidential debates. We’re basically on the other end of that stick. Whatever they decide to do with jail reform ultimately affects us. A profession that has been on the books for over 200 years is in serious, serious jeopardy.” She goes on to state “we are one of the oldest professions in the world, and we fulfill a very valid purpose.”

As someone who has fought crime and is a nationally recognized advocate for victims, Beth plans to use her voice to bring attention to the cause. The Chapmans plan to spend a large amount of time in Washington, D.C. fighting the No Money Bail Act of 2016. She knows she has a tough fight ahead of her and isn’t wasting any time. She says “our fight for survival begins right now.”

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