We deal with many DUI bail cases each week so we strive to stay abreast of drunk driving issues. One of the biggest concerns of those that have recently been arrested for drinking and driving is which driving privileges may be taken away from them. A few of the questions that will immediately arise after you post bail may include:

Will my driver’s license be suspended?
Will it be limited somehow?
Will I need some kind of special license?
What about DUI school?
What’s an IID?

We cannot answer these for everyone here in this article because the answers will be different for every case! But we CAN tell you that all of this information is whole lot easier to find outside of a jail cell and the fastest, easiest way to get out of jail is with the purchase of a bail bond. When you need to spring a loved one from jail, a reputable bonding company like ours has all the tools you need to make the process as quick and easy as possible. We will provide you the service that best fits your needs. Because our employees are well-versed on all the ins and outs of selling bonds, we offer one of the most efficient bond services in the state. In addition to our thorough understanding of the business and our unrivaled efficiency, we are available 24 hours a day to our clients.

We may not be able to address the specifics of your case here but we can give you some insight into what may follow your DUI conviction. Here in Georgia, there are a number of things that a person can be sentenced to following a DUI conviction, some of which are mandatory and some of which are imposed at the discretion of the judge at the DUI hearing. The ignition interlock (IID), for example, is one of the things a judge can decide to require you to use. First time DUI offenders don’t need to worry about the possibility of an interlock installation. Those convicted of subsequent DUIs, however, may be subjected to a vehicle device which is more or less a breathalyzer installed on a motor vehicle’s dashboard.

If you recently received a DUI and need to figure out how to make bail or how to proceed before your trial, one of our qualified bail bond agents can assist you. Call now.