After being stuck inside all winter, many people anxiously await the arrival of warmer weather. Some would rather winter last a little longer since there has been a correlation between increases in crimes and increases in temperatures in the past. Many law enforcement departments across the country report increases in crime during warm weather months and violent crime is especially likely to increase. Muggings, assaults and battery can skyrocket come summer and all across the board, crime rates tend to grow.

Crime experts speculate that the spike in crime may be due to the increase in the number of interactions that people have with one another during the warmer months. As large outdoor gatherings become more commonplace, summer weather can bring potential wrongdoers, victims and belongings to the same place. People tend to start leaving out valuables, such as bicycles, lawn furniture, etc. This creates more opportunities for would-be criminals to commit theft. You also might see more fights as people start hanging outside more.

It seems warmer temperatures alone may not be to totally blame for the increase in crime. The rise in social interactions may also be a factor. We are all active more during the spring and summer and some people can experience a form of heat aggravation in high temperature weather that causes them to lose their temper more easily.

The academic summer break may also contribute to a spike in violent crime. Juveniles are more likely to commit crime, in general, so it makes sense that crimes peak during summer when students are off from school without much to do. Perhaps this is why even in states that are warm year-round like Florida and California, law enforcement statistics show a bump in June, July and August. Here in Georgia, where we enjoy all four seasons and sweltering summers, we follow all the same trends.

Regardless of the reasons behind the violence and crime spikes, law enforcement should provide extra resources in areas with the highest amounts of crime. Additional patrols in high-risk areas, shortening response time to calls for service during times when criminal activity is most pronounced could help the problem and keep more people out of jail.

There’s a difference between control and prevention. Even as a bonding company, we always hope to see more of both each year. When you’re outside this spring and summer, be aware of your surroundings. When possible, avoid unfamiliar or potentially unsafe situations. Don’t leave valuables outside where they can easily be stolen. Never hesitate to call 911 if you observe anything suspicious and if anyone you know gets into trouble, never hesitate to call a qualified bondsman!