In the state of Georgia, even a first time DUI charge is a criminal offense and can result in jail time. Because many offenders have never been arrested before, getting a bond and arranging a schedule with the courts can be as confusing as it is nerve-wracking. Let us offer some tips on managing a DUI charge.

1. Do not go to jail without having prepared a bond. If you do, you will be forced into purchasing bail in full. A bond from a bonding company is drastically cheaper than a bond from a jail.

2. Be familiar with all the basic information you’ll need in order to purchase a bond. This information includes, but is not limited to, the social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, employer information and vehicle information of both the consigner (the person obtaining the bond) and the defendant (the person being held in jail).

3.  Think about online payment. Online payment options are often available in the case of a DUI. Paying for bail online is convenient, fast and easy. And if you have any questions about making a payment on the web, one of our expert bondsmen would be glad to assist you.