After any kind of arrest has been made, time is of the essence for all parties involved. One of the decisions that must be made without delay is contacts a bond agent. If you or someone you know winds up in jail, communication with a bond agent should begin almost immediately. Why is telephoning with a bail bondsman so important, you might ask?

The first reason to move quickly once you’ve been informed of an arrest is a simple one. It’s that a bond agent will be able to explain your situation to you and help you through the process. You’ll save a lot of time and confusion taking your questions to a bondsman as opposed to searching for answers on your own or questioning people who work at the jail. Whether it is your first time facing an arrest or your 50th, you will probably have at least a few questions. Contacting a bail bondsman as soon as possible is a great way to get them answered. This is especially advantageous to those who have never been in jail before because bail bondsmen are experts on the system.

Another reason to contact a bondsman right away is to get the ball rolling on bail itself. Some cases take longer to obtain bail for than others so it’s best to start as soon as possible. In some circumstances, there might be several steps to complete. If you contact a bail bondsman immediately, they can start these steps. The bond agent will have paperwork to draw up, family members to contact and officials to talk to, and in some circumstances, holidays and other roadblocks can get in the way. No matter what, contacting a bond agent as soon as you can so they can start the process of bailing someone out is a great way to preemptively deal with unexpected surprises.

The third and final reason to act fast is about you — a bail bondsman can bail you out of jail so you can move on with your life. When you’re in jail, you aren’t just cut off from the outside world, you’re cut off from work, family, hobbies, everything. Leaving jail is more than getting out of the facility. A jailed individual will not be able to be there for their loved ones. While in jail you are not able to work. If you do not contact a bail bondsman as soon as possible, you could miss several days of work, possibly even lose a job. Getting out of jail is relatively painless with a bond agent, but postponing contacting one could have dire consequences. Contacting a bail bondsman as soon as possible is a great way to save yourself from a lot of problems.