The phone call no one wants to get: a friend or family member has been arrested and taken to jail. It is crucial to stay clear-headed during this emotional time. Here are a few ways you can best comfort and assist your friend or loved one.


Gather Info

Gather as much information from your loved one as possible, including: the name and location of the facility where they are being held (including street address, city, zip code, and a telephone number); the time, date, and location of the arrest; their booking or case number; and how much their bail is set at. Write down all the information so you won’t forget and keep in mind that some of this information won’t be available until after the person is booked into the jail. If a police officer or someone from an enforcement agency informs you of the arrest, ask them for the same information, without providing any (possibly implicating) details about your loved one. If you find out about your loved one’s arrest through a third party you will need to locate your friend or family member. You may be able to locate them using your local government’s website, by calling your local law enforcement’s non-emergency line, or directly calling the county jail. Be prepared to provide your loved one’s full name with correct spelling, AKAs, and date of birth.


Don’t Discuss Details

Immediately urge your loved one to remain silent regarding any details of their arrest during their phone call to you. Almost all police stations record phone calls and the prosecuting attorney will likely obtain a copy. Also advise your loved one to not discuss details or answer questions (beyond routine booking questions, like their name and date of birth) about their arrest, especially if they are interrogated while in custody. Tell them that by requesting an attorney, by law all questioning must cease.


Offer Emotional Support

Being arrested is a scary occurrence. Your loved one needs to know that they are not alone. They called you because you are a reliable and supportive friend or family member, so try not to be too critical or judgmental.


Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Contact a criminal defense lawyer for your loved one as soon as possible. The attorney will then likely go directly to the facility where your loved one is being held and demand to speak with their client.


How We Can Help

We work with you to ensure your loved one is released as quickly and painlessly as possible by helping you post bail and facilitating all necessary paperwork. Contact us today!