Being arrested can be a scary and bewildering situation. Whether you’re the one who was arrested, or it was a loved one of yours that was arrested, you feel helpless and lost, not knowing who to turn to, or where to go for assistance, especially if it’s your first time. It’s an emotional event, wracked with anxiety and a swirling pool of emotion, particularly if jail is involved. Among other things, desperation, humiliation, anger or any other combination of negative emotions will surely be swirling about and clouding your thoughts.


What happened? How can I fix this? Who can I call for help?


First off, you’ll no doubt want to make the stay in jail as short as possible. This is where the help of a wise and trusty bail bondsman comes in handy. That should always be your first call. While the bail bondsman offers up money that acts as a surety bond to ensure that the accused will appear in court on a given future date, the accused, or a party acting on their behalf must first provide the funding necessary for their release. Once paid, the accused is free to leave the jail with their promise to show up before the judge to tell their side of the story.


Any experienced and capable bondsman knows that he or she must be available at a moment’s notice, regardless of time or day. The greater their availability, the less time spent behind bars. Aside from the experience and advice you need, a bail bondsman should be calm, reassuring and confident of just what needs to be done, how to do it and when. Remember that a bail bondsman should work to serve your needs – not their own.


Once you’ve reached a bail bondsman, be open and forthcoming about the situation facing you or the accused. Your bail bondsman will let you know what pertinent information you’ll need to gather in order to speed up the release process. This information usually consists of their full name and date of birth, their location, date of arrest and amount of their bail, if possible. In addition, your bail bonds professional will not only offer up advice, consultation and potential contacts for assistance, but can also provide legal referrals, if necessary.


In summary, your 1st Choice Bail Bonds professional is there to help you and your family in what may at first, seem like an impossible situation. With their excellent customer service and attention to detail, it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most trusted names for your most urgent bail bonds needs.