Co-signing a bail bond means becoming financially obligated to pay the entire bail amount if the accused person does not show up in court. After co-signing the bail bond by signing a promissory note or indemnity agreement, the accused will be released from detention during the resolution period before his or her court date. Upon procuring a co-signed bond, the detainee is guaranteed release and the co-signer should work hard to assure that the accused appear at court and meets any other requirements of the bond.

The process of co-signing a bail bond entails providing physical property, such as cash or some other valuable item, as collateral in exchange for the bond. Not everyone is eligible to co-sign a bail bond. In order to be a co-signer in Georgia, you must be a legal citizen of the United States of America and you must have a long-term permanent address. You have to demonstrate that you have a reliable and stable source of income and sufficient credit. Once approved, by providing this collateral, the bail bondsman can then pledge that money to the court in the form of a surety bond and your loved one can be freed. The amount needed for the bond will be far less than the full amount of the bail due to the bonding company’s relationship with the courts. If for any reason the accused fails to appear in court within a specified period of time or purposefully flees, it is the co-signer’s responsibility to pay the entire bond amount or officially surrender all property that was provided to the bail bond company as collateral.

One co-signer “perk” is the right to draw up stipulations before co-signing. These stipulations may require that the accused attend a drug treatment program or be evaluated by doctors and other health professionals upon release. The co-signer also has the right to ask the bond company to cancel the bond if the accused exhibits any behavior that is deemed uncomfortable or questionable which will result in the accused returning to jail. In the instance that the accused flees, the co-signer can report the location of the accused to the bail bond company in an effort to apprehend the fleeing individual and return that person to jail.

So how much does co-signing a bail bond really cost? The website for professional bail agents of the United States (PBUS) states that a bail bond company will receive a predetermined percentage of the bond as a fee for assuring the bond and securing the release of the detained. The bail bond company fee is usually around 10 percent of the total amount. It’s non-refundable but it’s typically also a very manageable sum. Call us today to learn more and get the bail bond process started!