If you’ve ever been arrested before, chances are that you probably know all too well how valuable a bail bonding agent’s services are when trying to get out of jail as quickly as possible. If you’ve never been arrested before (good for you!), just know that a reputable, licensed bail bonds agent might be one of your best friends in such a time of immediate need and despair. A steadfast advocate for the accused, a trustworthy bail bonds agent should always be one of the first calls a newly arrested citizen (or one of their loved ones) should make.


Needless to say, being arrested is a bewildering experience in itself. Add to that the fact that you’re detained and incarcerated with no real idea of how long you’re going to be in there, and it’s easy to see how scary and helpless one might begin to feel. Since most bonding companies are open and available 24/7, a bail bonds agent can help speed up the process in order to shorten the amount of time someone will spend in jail. In addition, if the arrestee’s location is unknown, most qualified agents have the ability to find an arrestee if the arresting law enforcement agency is known, or if you know which county sheriff’s department is responsible for housing detainees until arraignment. Once the arrestee’s location is known, you will then have the chance to secure their release with the help of a local Georgia bail bonds agent, provided that:


  • The arrestee doesn’t have the cash needed to post a cash bond with the court
  • They have no real estate to offer up as collateral for their release
  • The judge opts not to grant temporary release on their own cognizance


Most often, the average arrestee doesn’t have the cash necessary to bail themselves out. That’s where a bail bonds agent comes in. One of the best things about securing a bail bonds agent’s assistance is that there’s no need to pay the full bail upfront in order for release. Just paying the agent the amount of the bond is sufficient, which is generally only 10% of the bail amount. But doing so means that the defendant must appear in court on the scheduled date, because the agreement requires the bail bonds agent to pay the entire amount on your behalf, which leaves you responsible for either reimbursing them for the total amount, or making sure the accused shows up in court, or both.


Therefore, in a word, the best time to call a bail bonds company is immediately. Because they play such a vital role at such a key moment, it’s important to find an agent you can trust. Check for online reviews or with the Better Business Bureau when selecting an agent. Also, make sure that the agent has a current bail license that allows them to do business in the state of Georgia. That said, keep in mind that while you hope that you’ll never require the services of a bail bonds agent, hopefully you’ll know now what to look for if you ever do.